25 Apr

Add a product category list to your online store

Want to generate a list of product categories on you WPCommerce online store? The good news is WordPress and WooCommerce both have widgets for generating category lists and in this blog we will show you how to use the product category list.

Most people are familiar with the standard blog post category list that is generated by default by WordPress. What is not immediately obvious is WooCommerce supports a similar list for product categories, but you need to make the widget visible before it will show up on your site.

1. View your widgets

First, navigate to appearance -> widgets from the left pane in the administration dashboard of your site and you will see a collection of widgets available for your site.

The WooCommerce product list widget

The WooCommerce product list widget

You can click on this widget for options for where to generate it on the sidebar.

2. Make the widget visible

Next, select the widget title with the mouse and drag it to the sidebar you want the list to be displayed in. The sidebar is show on the right side of the admin area, you may have to scroll up while selecting the widget. Alternatively, simply click on the widget and you will be given the option to “add widget” to the selected sidebar.

Adding the product category list widget to one (or more) of the sidebars

Adding the product category list widget to one (or more) of the sidebars

With the widget added to one, or more, of the sidebars your theme supports, you can then apply the style of list – a hierarchy or dropdown – as well as the order of the categories. You can also drag and drop the widget and place anywhere in the list of visible widgets on your sidebar.

That’s it! Now you can provide your customers with another option to navigate your online store and find the type of product they are looking for.

– The WPCommerce admin team