Who owns WPCommerce?

WPCommerce is owned and managed by Linuxpeak Pty Ltd, an IT company that has been offering software as a service solutions since 2005.


I already have a WordPress CMS hosted by another provider, can I can add WPCommerce to my site?

Yes and there are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Migrate your Existing WordPress installation to WPCommerce and you will have the e-commerce capability when you move over. You can do this because WPCommerce is built on WordPress.
  2. If a site migration is not an option you can use a sub-domain for the online store. For example, if your site has the domain name mypersonalwebspace.com.au you can add shop.mypersonalwebspace.com.au and WPCommerce will host the e-commerce portal at that address. Contact Linuxpeak Pty Ltd for DNS services if you need them.


Can I run WPCommerce on my own servers?

No, WPCommerce is only available as a cloud service right now.


Can I get a discount?

Yes, simply take part in our referral program and you will qualify for a discount. Any WPCommerce customer who refers some to become a new subscriber gets a 25% discount off their subscription for one year. And there is no limit to how many people you can refer. The more referrals, the more rewards!


I’m in Australia, do I have to pay GST?

Yes, the standard 10% GST is payable for all customers based in Australia.


Can I add WPCommerce to my existing Linuxpeak Managed Web Content service?

Yes, you can add WPCommerce to your Linuxpeak Managed Web Content service at any time.


Is adding e-commerce to my existing Web site free?

Yes, in most cases setup will be free unless it’s a highly complex addition. Standard service fees may apply for migrating an old WordPress installation to WPCommerce.


I don’t have an online payment gateway or merchant facility, can I still use WPCommerce?

Yes, you don’t need a payment gateway to use WPCommerce. You can market your products, sell online, take orders and receive bank deposits all without a payment gateway. A payment gateway helps streamline the payment process so you don’t have to wait for a bank transfer or accept cash on delivery.


Which payment gateways do you support?

PayPal is the default payment gateway and is supported in the base application. WPCommerce supports many payment gateways so if you have a payment gateway with another provider ask us about integrating it with your service.


What types of products can I sell on my online store?

You can sell pretty much any type of (legal) product or service on your store. And goods and services can be physical or virtual.


What is WPCommerce based on?

WPCommerce is based on the open source WordPress content system and WooCommerce online commerce module for WordPress.


Can I sell subscriptions on my online store?

Absolutely! One way to sell subscriptions is to have a separate product for each fixed subscription period.

For example, you can add a “product” to your store that is a 12-month subscription to music lessons. When the subscription period ends you can notify the buyer and invite them to buy another “product” which is a further 12 month subscription for the following year.

Alternatively, there are subscriptions modules we can add to your WPCommerce online store that handles recurring billing automatically.